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Peace Rocks
Activities to Make the World a Better Place. Click here to download.

Peace Rocks Overview


  • To create peace-inspired art installations in nature 


  • A basket with different size rocks
  • A basket of colored Sharpies
  • Glitter
  • Glue 


  • None 

Includes short guided meditation:

Imagine you are in a peaceful place—somewhere in nature; a happy place. At the beach, a park, a field of flowers, camping in the woods. Look around. Who is there? What are others doing? What does it smell like? What time of year is it? Is it cold outside or hot? Now I want you to walk toward a garden or a stream of water. When you get there, look down and see your rock planted in the garden or nuzzled along the bank of the water. Notice that the rock has a word on it. You can't quite read it from where you are. Before you go closer to read the word, keep holding your rock in your left hand while putting your right hand over your heart. Now feel your heart under your hand. Beating. Beating. What is the word that comes into your heart when you think about peace in the world? Get that word clearly in your head and then look down at the rock in your garden or in the stream. What does your word say? 5. Have participants open their eyes and share the words they "saw" on their rocks. If they were not able to come up with a word during the visualization have them select a word to put on their rock. &. Have participants decorate their rocks with that word.